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To the question asked recently:

“what have you done with photography?”

I answered :

The most appropriate for me would be to use a parabolic image:
Photography has been my faithful companion for over thirty years!
How to describe what I did with photographic art since Arles ? When the day was young, we would leave this school coming out of the town hall, arm in arm, under the bright full sun, as good as it gets, descending the stairs of reality.

So I spend my life with my chosen companion, where every day is an ambiguous relationship. This daily attachment changes depending on mood and it plays with me. This bond with her and the light reminds me the emotion of first love, love at first sight, or the weariness felt in the company of my Melancholy whore, or again feeling this very strong emotion which goes against reason.

I’ve devoted myself to photography, the concubine of my eyes, I live by the daily hope that she provides me, suggesting that each new day the sun makes, she will enable us to design together my very best photographs. I allow her to become a versatile agent and thereby I turn into a hard worker of the image, to make myself sculpt naturally and shape reality to match the imagination of my ideas.
As a fertile muse, she offers me her body to embrace with a picture, hug with a smile, whatever I will operate on. Her lips speak on my behalf to my fellow man to persuade my neighbor to be on the next shot.

As I inform through a landscape or a face, my beloved mistress lets me fondle her delicate skin delightful to the touch, capable of overcoming wounds and scars, the marks of my subjects. I live with one who holds the keys to the gates of the past and pronouncing her name, opens the gates to the present, usually inaccessible to ordinary eyes.

I find solace when it happens that my tragic muse betrayed me with unfaithful behavior with another manipulator of light, more conspicuous and obvious. Whatever the intrigue on how she humiliated me, I know she will come back to me, heal me and – again and again – will give pleasure to me and my rival, fill my delight to look at works of light, my fickle lady.

Rather than use the nostalgic past in dealing with this matter by reading it, I’d rather address it like this: What am I doing with photography today? And yet I’d rather tell you what photography has done for me. But really, what I have committed with photography, the images that I have conceived with her gives the best answer to this delicate question.

together, let’s do Art.

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